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Clean and repair printers.

Whether you print 2 pictures a week to printing over 20 pages a week.  Your ink Jet printer may need maintenance especially if your family or small business uses the ink jet printer constantly.

Even if the ink jet printer hasn't been used in a while, the dried ink may have clogged a printhead. 

Services Provided for Ink Jet Printers1:

  • Run the Printer's Quality Diagnostic Report
  • Check for Clogged print nozzle
  • Use Printer's Features to Clean the Printheads
  • Use Printer's Cartridge Alignment Feature to realign the cartridge
  • Check for incorrect printer settings
  • Check and realign the printer trays
  • Check if your Mac or PC has the latest Printer Driver
  • Wipe the outside of the Ink Jet Printer
  • Set your up your New Ink Jet Printer

Using the Printer Manufactures' Specified Ink Cartridges may give the user a better printing experiences.  However,  using off brand ink jet cartridge may provide a different experince.  Which includes faded prints, uneven colors, or even clog a print head.  If you think a remanufactured ink cartridge has affected the performance of your ink jet printer, maybe I can help.

If you need printing solutions for your Home, Small Business, Medical or Dental Office, please call me at (913) 735-4096 or Contact me to send me a message.


1 Additional service time and cost may be added if the ink jet printer does not have have proper software, power, cables, and ink cartridge to perform the necessary services.

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