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Virus, Trojan, and Malware removal on computers

Personal Computers are susceptible to Malware Infections ranging from Virus and trojans to Rookkits and Spyware due to multiple users on one computer, downloading free software or games, or surfing across the internet.

Even when a Personal Computer have an AntiVirus Software it can still be infected by missing an update or picking up a malware from a Compromised Web site.

Steve's Computer and Web Service, LLC can help Homeowners and Small Businesses in Removing the Virus, Spyware, and Malware from their Personal Computers.

Here are some Signs and Symptoms of Possible Malware infections:

  • Pop up advertisements that do not go away
  • Browsers home page changes without your intervention
  • Search Engine Results are sent to random link
  • Alerts requiring a user to click on fake antivirus software (known as Scareware)
  • Slower or Unresponsive PC performance
  • Mysterious new toolbars that can not be deleted
  • Program uninstall has been deactivated
  • Desktop operating system can not be updated with latest downloads
  • Antivirus software can not be downloaded and used.

When these signs and symptoms occur, please avoid using your computer and shutdown or power off the affected computer.  On an unaffected computer,  please set up an appointment  or send a message. Our Phone number is (913) 735-4096.

CompTia A plus Certification IT Technician Steven Ng