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Small Business Wireless Network Services Available:

  • Set up and configure Small Businesses' wireless network connection with ISP (Internet Service Provider)


  • Connect a wireless router and modem provided by Small Business to create a wireless network
  • Consultation with Small Businesses on setting up a Wireless Network
    • What type and how many peripherals (limit of 2 Wi Fi devices) need to be connected?
    • What Privacy and Security settings need to be set up? (Please note that any Wireless Networks can be hacked by a determined individual)
    • Does the range of the wireless network needed to be extended or improved?
    • Type of Equipment, such as a WAP (Wireless Access Point) or a PoE (Power Over Ethernet) Switch needed to allow wireless access in a Small Business Location.
  • Troubleshoot Connectivity Issues. Please check with your ISP to make sure your Internet Service is properly running on your modem.

Wireless Connectivity due the following problems listed below, will require additional Service Time and/or purchasing products to restore or improve Wi Fi Connectivity.  

  • Computer Repair
  • Virus, Trojan, and Malware Removal
  • Computer Hardware or Software problems
  • Building structures


If you need Wireless Connectivity solutions for your Small Business, please call me at (913) 735-4096 or set up an appointment time with me to go over your IT needs.

CompTia A plus Certification IT Technician Steven Ng