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Frequently Asked Questions about steve's computer and webs services

Frequently Asked Questions about Kansas City Northland - Steve's Computer and Web Services

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about Services provided by Kansas City Northland's Steve's Computer and Website Designing Services.

Need a prompt answer to your question about our Computer and Website designing services. Please call Steve's Computer and Web Service, LLC in Kansas City's Northland at (913)735-4096 or use the Contact button to send me a message.

Service TypeHourly RatesNotes
Computer Repair and Service $75.00 see Repair Terms of Services
Virus, Spyware, and Malware Removal $75.00 see Repair Terms of Services
Printer and Networking Services $75.00 see Repair Terms of Services
New and Old Computer Setup $75.00 see Repair Terms of Services
Website Planning, Designing, Maintaining , Updating, Researching, and Implementing $50.00 No Charge for the initial meeting with Client. Signed Agreement and Deposit required to begin Website planning, designing, and implementation.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) $50.00 During the planning and design stage of the website SEO best practices will be incorporated, for example, putting keywords near the start of the page title and using semantic HTML to enhancing the structure of the page.
Social Media $50.00 Creating, linking, and integrating Social Media like Facebook and Google + with your Website.
Domain Names $50.00 Helping clients with setting up Domain Name Creation and Registration.
Web Hosting for Website $50.00 Helping clients in selecting a web hosting company and setting up hosting for the website.
Logo, Graphics, and Photos $50.00 Depending on the needs of the client and the type of Visual Content that is needed for the Website. I may refer the client to a professional Graphic Artist or Photographer.


Depending on the complexity of the service issue it could range from 1 hour to 3 days to repair the computer or printer. In addition to discussing the service issues over the phone. It may require an on-site visit to make a better diagnosis of the hardware problem.


Symptoms of a trouble computer, printer, or network system maybe apparent during the initial phone call. However, it may still require an onsite visit when an peripheral device or an external factor is affecting your hardware's performance.


 Call (913) 735-4096 or click on the Contact button to send me a message.


 Please click on the following link to Terms of Computer Service Warranty for further details.


The Following Repairs are generally referred to other companies

  • Cracked Mac, PC, Tablet, Smartphone, MP3, Iphone, and Ipod Screens
  • Missing keyboard keys
  • PC Motherboard, Mac Logic Board, and Notebook Graphic Cards
  • Tablet, Ipod, MP3, Iphone, and Smartphone Repair
  • Submerged Notebooks, Ipod, Iphone, Smartphones, MP3, Tablets
  • Forensic Computer usage
  • Raid, NAS, Recovery & Repair
  • Data recovery from Hard Drives due to the following:
    • physical damage outside and inside the drive
    • Hard drive has been wiped and zero filled
    • Mechanic failure due to wear and tear


During the repair/services of the computer, printer, or network system, if the revised repair/services estimates, are not accepted by the customer to complete the Repair and/or Service, Steve's Computer & Web Service, LLC and any employee, subcontractor or consultant of STEVE'S COMPUTER & WEB SERVICE, LLC MAY RETURN THE CUSTOMER’S COMPUTER, PRINTER, AND/OR PERIPHERALS AND CHANGE AN EXAMINATION FEE OF $40.00.


There are a lot of factors that affect the completion of a website. Factors include planning with clients on the type of message or goals they want to achieve, what features and design elements does the client want for there website, using the content supplied from the client and making it search engine friendly, along with getting the final approval on the side design.

If the client prefers email or phone calls, I will provide updates on their website


After an initial meeting with the client, if there appears to be mutual interest with both parties to continue website development. A Website Development Agreement with the terms, down payment amount required, and items discussed, can be faxed or emailed to the client for review or approval.


Website Starter OptionWebsite Standard OptionWebsite Premium Option
Down Payment Requirement $200.00 Down Payment Requirement $300.00 Down Payment Requirement $400.00

Website Planning stage will begin once the Website Development Agreement has been signed by both parties and the down payment has been received.


If you have additional questions, please call Steve's Computer and Web Service, LLC in Kansas City's Northland at (913)735-4096 or use the Contact button to send me a message.