• Designed Non Profit Organization's Website

    designed non profit organization's bingo website

    Designed Non Profit Organization's Bingo Website

    Steve's Computer and Web Service recently designed a local non profit organization's Bingo Website. After meeting with the Bingo Coordinator, They wanted several features to attract new Bingo Patrons. In addition, the non profit organization wanted a Social Media Presence to attract and keep loyal Bingo Players from their previous location.

     Website Design Features:

  • Developed Dental Office Website

    Dentistry For Children's Website

    Developed Dental Office Website for Local Pediatric Dentistry

    Responding to a Kansas City Pediatric Dentistry's Website request. Steve's Computer and Web Service, LLC developed Dental Office Website Solutions that included updating their previous Website and incorporating their "Sealife" Office Theme for there new Dentistry Location.

    Website Design Features:

  • Web Design Options

    Website Design Options by Kansas City North steve's computer and website Design


    During the Planning Stage, Steve's Computer and Web Service, LLC can provide several Website Design options to meet a client's requirements.

    Three Design Options to Select